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Dietary supplements are designed to give your body nutrients that may not otherwise be available through your daily eating habits. The optimum result is a healthier you! However, not all supplements are the same, and it’s important to know what you are buying and putting in your body.

Reasons to Take Dietary Supplements:

(1) Support your body during the aging process
Let’s face it, we aren’t getting any younger. As we age, our bodies require more nutrients to function properly yet we aren’t able to digest and absorb nutrients the same as when we were younger. A supplement will increase your body’s intake of the nutrients it needs.

(2) Promote healthy brain function
Brain health is vital to the body – without its healthy function, the body would digress. One function we see diminish across society is the¬†short-term memory. By boosting nutrition, the brain’s memory increases according to many studies.

(3) Increase energy levels
As you increase the amount of nutrients absorbed and used by your body, it increases the body’s energy levels.

(4) Support muscle strength
Muscle deterioration is believed to be associated with free radicals (unbalanced atoms withing the cell). Proper dietary supplements will address the issue of free radicals and muscle ability.

(5) Promote healthy skin
As we age, so does our skin. Taking a supplement increases the body’s ability to age with grace.

(6) Boost mood and manage stress
Supplements support brain function as we already discussed. Your brain controls your mood and how your body manages stress. A healthy body handles stress easier than an unhealthy body.

Not All Supplements Are the Same

Many supplements found on the open market today are manufactured in a lab. Scientists find a mineral or vitamin to mimic, and the result is a high boost of one or two properties from that particular compound. It is synthetic and unnatural, therefore, your body doesn’t know what to do with it resulting in one of two outcomes. (1) The pill/capsule you swallow doesn’t change from between the time you swallow it and the time it exits your body, or (2) what little part your body is able to break down is then stored in the fat cells of your body.

A healthy supplement will be 100% plant-based¬†and balanced so that you are not overdosing on any one vitamin or mineral. It will be something to take at least twice a day because your body cannot digest a full day’s vitamin and mineral needs at one time. Double check what you are using and make sure it is what your body needs and can use!

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